Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kansas Light

 Although the temperature outside today was a springlike 50 degrees, I was feeling sad and did not want to take a walk.  I forced myself to go anyway and found my depression lifting.  It was a beautiful day. 

When I was in college many years ago, an art professor told us he'd spent the summer in France.  The French countryside reminded him very much of Kansas, and even the light seemed familiar to him because, he said, the light in Kansas is beautiful.  Now, a lot of us know that Paris is called "The City of Light," but I don't think many folks outside our state think of Kansas as being particularly well lit.  At that early stage of my life I hadn't given it much thought myself.  I'd always lived in Kansas and the light was just, well, something to see by. 

But you know, that professor was right.  Although we've had two drought years back to back, and even though the countryside is dressed in January drab brown, our sky here is still lovely.  The sunsets are gorgeous as always, but even at mid-morning or in early afternoon the light truly is beautiful.

It is very important for caregivers to take refreshment through time away from responsibilities to loved ones, and one of the ways I find this is through my daily walk.  I feel very blessed to live in rural Kansas--the lighting here really is wonderful! I encourage my fellow caregivers to find renewal through time out of doors exploring the beauty of your own corner of the world. 

Phone photos snapped on my walk early this evening:
Snow geese flew overhead, flashing like glitter as their wings covered white bodies then raised again to reflect the sun. 

Humble broomweed turns to gold in that warm Kansas light. 

Late afternoon sun highlights the uppermost branches of these cottonwood trees.  That's our yellow house in the background, though it isn't quite THAT yellow...again, that warm golden light does its magic. 

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  1. Here is W. Latane Barton's comment that I accidentally deleted (sorry Latane, and thank you for commenting!): I have never thought to compare the French lighting with Kansas but perhaps your professor was correct. It is true, the sky in the midwest is amazing...Beautiful pictures. How lucky to snap those geese in formation!