Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ten Years and Counting...

I've grown used to a look of incredulity on peoples' faces when I tell them my husband and I have taken care of my Alzheimer's mom in our home since November of 2004, and I can hardly believe it myself.  But from my vantage point ten years into this adventure, I am able to see ways God has brought blessing to us not only in spite of this difficult situation, but through it.

When I began this post I tried to include all of the amazing ways God has taken care of us while we have provided care to Mom, but the list was long and some of the details seemed too personal too share.  Suffice it to say God has provided for our jobs, finances, and living conditions in ways that at times have seemed miraculous. And, though I'd always known my husband was a pretty admirable guy, he gained hero status in my eyes by his willingness to partner with me to care for Mom.  I can honestly say that taking care of Mom together has blessed our marriage. 

I couldn't see the potential for any of these blessings on that day back in the spring of 2004 when the doctor said, "I am confident of the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease for your mother. She meets all of the criteria."  I thought it was the end of the world as I knew it. But as we prayed, asked others to pray for us, and earnestly sought God's will, we became convinced that we should provide care to Mom at home.  Step by step the way opened for us to do so.

Through Mom's Alzheimer's I've learned the truth of the statement, "Where God sends, God will provide." The transition period was rough, but we've had more or less smooth sailing since that first difficult year.

If you are a Christian struggling with a transition into the caregiving role, I hope this post serves to remind you that the Lord hasn't let you down yet, and He won't now.  Remember that God provides us just enough information to navigate the worries of today, and He expects us to trust our tomorrows to Him.  Whether you are facing nursing home placement, home care, or end of life issues for someone you love, God is faithful.  It is safe to leave the future in His hands. 


  1. It is an incredible gift to have a spouse willing to walk this road. What a blessing! I know that I could not have without my husband. Just could not have done it. Many blessings to you all...

  2. God has surely blessed you with a wonderful husband! And given you such grace that you can see His fingerprints on the past 10 years. I have been blessed by your journey in more ways than I can count.