Thursday, August 20, 2015

Find a Little Respite

Caregivers need respite, and by that I mean time away from the responsibilities of caregiving. My favorite form of getting away from it all is not very exciting, but is rejuvenating for me; I putter around our farm taking photos as I go. I find that the beauty of God's creation refreshes my spirit.

I urge each of you to find your own respite and invite you to share a bit of mine over at my other blog today: At Home in Karola, Kansas. You'll find my other form of respite there too, because the imaginary town of Karola is the setting of my novel, The Children Are Tender.  I had so much fun writing this book! The work was all-encompassing so that during the hours I spent creating the characters of Karola, I was given a vacation from the stresses of my caregiving responsibilities.

These two activities--writing and spending time outdoors, have saved my sanity during my eleven years of caregiving. I believe that creative endeavors such as writing, quilting, painting, knitting and crocheting, etc. are wonderful respite activities, and I also think that fresh air and exercise are especially important to the well being of folks who are enduring stress. 

Here's a prayer that caregivers who read this post are able to find their own happy combination of creative activities plus time spent appreciating the beauty of nature so that caregiving responsibilities don't overwhelm. 


  1. I have found your site this morning on facebook and the verse about our God is awesome, I have shared. You sound like you have found ways to take care of YOU and that is so important when we must help another in our lives.
    I have a husband with many illness's and it is time consuming to say the least of all the test, running to drs offices and out to get this or that that he wants or needs. I pray for patience a lot. reading on your site has calmed me today and I am thankful for that.
    Have a great day...
    Paula O

    1. Prayers going up for you right now, Paula, as you cope with the challenges you and your husband face. God bless and keep you.

  2. Linda, I just finished reading "My Mom has Alzheimer's." It was inspiring. Thanks for sharing, particularly about letting go of the negative emotions and the help God gives us when we ask.

    1. Isn't God gracious to provide us His counsel when we cry out to Him? When I started this journey I had no emotional or spiritual resources to cope with Mom's disease. Though it hasn't always been a smooth path, the Lord has provided for our needs every step of the way as I know He will for you. Hugs n' prayers, Linda