Monday, January 30, 2017

God's Mercy

The current division between liberal and conservative perspectives in our country is heartbreaking. It is particularly devastating when churches are divided because of differing beliefs and perspectives. I've been praying this morning about such divisions and asking for the Lord's mercy over all of us. I pray we can recognize that much of the divisiveness in the air around us comes from the enemy, who fans the smallest of judgments and discords into flame.  Whenever brethren in Christ are distracted from our main purpose, which is to draw others to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus, the enemy has won a victory.

I found James 2:13 in The Voice Translation some months ago, when I was writing 100 Days to Freedom.  It struck me then, as now, with truth:  Love is the most powerful weapon we have because mercy triumphs over judgment.  When we judge others, we aren't loving others, whether we are casting them out for causes we believe are just or not.

Pray with me for our country, states, cities, small towns, communities, churches, and families:

 Father, please save us from the devastation of divisions among us through the love You have shown in Christ, and let this grace be expressed in our lives by our love for one another.  Let Your mercy triumph over any judgments we might bring upon one another, and may your peace reign among us, in Jesus' name we pray, amen.  

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