Sunday, December 8, 2019

Protect Our Hearts, Minds, Bodies ...

The background of this meme is a detail from a painting by my mother, completed a few years prior to her Alzheimer's diagnosis.  

A friend and fellow caregiver wrote me a kind email today. She began with almost humorous but heartrendingly accurate words of empathy, and ended with a touching prayer. Here are her words of empathy and encouragement for caregivers: 

"It is my assumption that the Lord leaves the elderly and infirm with us that we may grow in mercy, grace, wisdom and basically not be giant, selfish jerks. I get it. But I DO NOT LIKE IT. It certainly pushes my trust button over and over and over again...." 

"Lord Jesus, may we love and serve our loved ones to the end with faithfulness, mercy, and grace. May you, dear Lord, protect our hearts and our minds and our bodies. Strengthen us and bless the gift of love we imperfectly offer our loved ones . Heal them with heaven in your time. Amen"

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