Friday, December 18, 2020

Peace in the Midst of Pain


One morning during the time my mother was nearing the end of her journey through Alzheimer's, I awoke with this verse in my mind:  

Joy in the midst of sorrow,

Peace in the midst of pain, 

Faith in the truth of God's promise

There will be sunshine after the rain.   

Earlier this week we received news of the sudden and unexpected death of a member of my husband's extended family.  In our prayers for these dear people we remember that many are suffering grief of loss especially now, during the Covid pandemic, and we lift those who are suffering grief to the Lord.  How blessed to know His presence goes with us through every season of life, and that even when we are blinded by pain we can trust that His comforting, providing, loving presence is with us.  Lord be near those who are in grief today.  Bring them through safely, in Jesus' Name we pray.