Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scripture for Caregivers

 My heart goes out to those who are seeking encouragement from Scripture as they transition into the role of caregiver for a loved one.  I want to comfort with the comfort and help God provided my mother and me as we faced this difficult transition. 

Below you'll find selected Scripture references for passages used in my book, My Mom Has Alzheimer's: Inspiration and Help for Caregivers. 

I have linked the references to Biblegateway's NIV version of the Bible.  You can of course go to Biblegateway yourself and look up the passages in the version of your choice, or use your own Bible.    

I pray these verses provide  you comfort and strength in your caregiving journey.  I recommend you begin with the references from the Psalms.  May the eyes of your heart be opened to receive the strength and support the Lord has for you today.   

Psalm 23
Psalm 84:5-7,  NLT   

The Scriptures listed above are placed in context for caregivers in the devotional My Mom Has Alzheimer's. You can read the intro and first three devotions for free at HERE. 

Beautiful in Each Season: Devotions for You is a devotional written especially for dementia patients. The readings are coordinated with the first 70 readings in My Mom Has Alzheimer's, so that caregiver and patient can share the same Scripture each day. The patient's book includes words to a familiar hymn with each reading.



  1. A simple thank you, Linda. Not feeling so strong of heart lately, and your words always comfort me. I always read your posts, but don't always comment. They are a constant source of strength for me---I hope you know how much your work is a Godsend for those of us struggling with caregiving. Please continue. God bless you..Love, Jill

  2. Jill, thank you for your encouragement. Much love in our Lord, many prayers, Linda

  3. Thank you so much for this work of love. This is exactly what I have been looking for. May the Lord bless you for it!