Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sound Logic

The following interchange reveals why one should never argue with one's mother, whether she has Alzheimer's (as mine does) or not:

Mom: Would you get me a diet coke?

Linda: The dentist says that the acid in the diet coke has hurt your teeth and that you shouldn’t have any for 4 hours before you brush your teeth at bedtime. 

Mom: (aggravated) How old am I?

Linda: 87

Mom: (disgusted) Exactly how much longer do you people think my teeth need to last? 


  1. Thank you, Linda, for the guidance and this morning's humor! Things at my end have become more difficult, but I still try to see the humor in our caregiving relationship every day--your post has reminded me of that! God bless you on your journey. Fondly, Jill

  2. Oh golly, that was funny!! Your Mom is one smart lady. Did she get her diet coke? I hope so!!