Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hope in the Face of Alzheimer's

In September of last year, a Home Extension group asked me to speak to them regarding fear of Alzheimer's disease.  One member had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and had begun medication, and others in the group felt fearful for themselves.  In my talk I addressed reasons we might have hope in the shadow of the possibility of a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease for ourselves or for someone we love.

The antidote to every doubt and fear is faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and no avoidance strategy or method of coping has basis in reality apart from Him.  With Christ as our foundation, interesting concepts such as the possibility of "pleasant dementia" provide information that, grounded in faith, can help us to rest in Him.  

Because this was a book signing there is a brief introduction to each of my books.  If you want to skip this portion begin at minute 3!

Note:  In the conversion process from slide show to movie, the final few slides became out of synch with the voiceover.  The narration remains intact. 

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