Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Journeying Through Alzheimer's...


  1. Linda,
    I have been so blessed by your book, My Mom Has Alzheimer's." My husband was diagnosed with AZ three years ago so we have just started on our journey. I am an online instructor for Southern New Hampshire University and I would like to share your book with others who find themselves thrust into the caregiver role. My friend and I have a digital version of your book. However, I would like to share some your paperbacks with people who don't use ebooks. Amazon, Christian Books and Barnes and Noble report that they cannot get any of your books. Are they out of print? I truly hope not as your timeless words continue to bless and support us. I would appreciate hearing your response.
    Evelyn Weaver

    1. Yes, Evelyn, My Mom Has Alzheimer's is out of print, although it seems to be available at E-bay and also on Amazon via used listings. I have a supply of books--if you would like to purchase from me via a Paypal account you can order through my website, http://lindaborn.com. I've also been known to accept personal checks. If you'd like further information, you can message me by clicking the "contact information" tab at the top of the website. When my current book project is completed I will self-publish My Mom Has Alzheimer's through Amazon's Createspace, and it will be available again in paperback format. This will happen sometime in 2017. Thanks so much for your kind words.

    2. And, Evelyn, my prayers are with you and your husband. I can honestly say God has blessed me in ways I wouldn't have dreamed not only in spite of Mom's disease, but because of it. We truly do serve a God who is able to bring blessings even from the most sorrowful circumstances. Be encouraged, for as I am sure you know, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Hugs and prayers for you, my friend.

    3. Thank you, Linda, I appreciate your support and I will look forward to sharing the self-published copies from Amazon next year. Until that time I will send them to your website.