Sunday, March 5, 2017

Underneath Are the Everlasting Arms

My mother has been in nursing home care for 7 months now. I was Mom's primary caregiver for 12 years, providing her care here in our home. We never expected our Alzheimer journey with her to last so long. I prayed not to have to put her into a nursing home and I prayed not to have to apply for Medicaid. Both of these things have happened. I've tried not to waste time questioning the Lord; and I've caught glimpses of His great love behind these events. He is weaning me gently from a lifelong role of caring for my mother; as her only child I felt responsible for her emotional and physical well being long before her diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease.

God is good.

Hope you enjoy the meme above, created from a photo taken of a spectacular Kansas sunset just west of our farmhouse two nights ago.  God is present with us.  His love is behind everything that comes to us. Blessed be His Name!


  1. It is strange how the very things that we hoped would not come to us do. Nevertheless...He is faithful. The graphic is excellent. "You are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms" as Elisabeth Elliot would say.

    1. Thanks, Vee. His grace and strength see us through the things we'd prefer hadn't come...a few lines from a poem come to mind:
      "God bends but never breaks when man’s good He undertakes;
      How He uses whom He chooses,
      And with mighty power infuses him,
      With every act induces him to try His splendor out,
      God knows what He’s about."

    2. Hi ms Linda can I repost your poem? My mom has Alzheimer’s disease. Thank you for your encouragement poem

    3. Hello ... the poem is not mine. Those few lines stuck in my mind from I know not when or where I heard or read the poem. A Google search has located it, at the link below in its entirety with "Author unknown" but with a secondary resource listed. Hope this, prayers, compassion to you and your mom. I'm now an Alzheimer's Caregiver Survivor and can tell you that based on my experience, God will accompany you on this journey and He will heal and restore any sorrows you bear along the way.