Sunday, March 11, 2018


"...once we entrust into God's hands the sorrows of what cannot be undone and our fears about what is yet to be done, we are left with the only point of time that is actually ours: the present."*

*From One Hundred Days to Freedom: Release From the Condemnation of Overweight, day 88.  The meme quote is from day 49.  


  1. Such a lovely graphic... Just spent a little time reading book reviews...your new book sounds intriguing.

    1. Just realized you were probably speaking of One Hundred Days. The Lord was so gracious to use me as a vessel for these devotions. My daughter and I are on our fifth time through reading it together--maybe the next volume should be called "Five Hundred Days..." Truth is, though we can become progressively less encumbered as we run toward His waiting arms, complete freedom isn't available for us this side of Heaven. But oh the delight of carrying progressively less baggage both literally and figuratively! Again, thanks to you my friend for your ongoing kindnesses to me.

  2. Thank you, Vee. Wind Sentinel was such a gift to me during the year following Mom's nursing home placement. It's about the power of prayer, overcoming fears, and trusting the Lord in crisis. I pray you are well and I appreciate so much your interest and encouraging words. Love and prayers to you.