Friday, April 5, 2019

Even to Our Old Age...

This detail from a painting by my mother looks like my dream retirement home!  The beauty and peace of this scene reminds me that we have the promise of lifelong care from the caregiver who will never let us down.  Even when we are old, we are still His children, and He will not forget us.  


  1. Love that painting, but want you to look again lest you think it really is your retirement home. (John would look at the print prominently featured at my place and groan. He asked me why I liked it when the porch was ready to fall off. ☺ He said that he couldn't rest looking at all the work in that painting that needed doing. Too funny.)

    I love this promise that The Lord will be with us all the way through our lives and to the life beyond, if we have trusted Him. What a promise!

    Hope that spring is springing in your corner, Linda.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! You are so right, Vee. The thought did actually go through my head that this place would be more work than I was used to, even in pre-retirement years!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder Linda. Your mother's paintings are a beautiful backdrop for your words of encouragement and scripture. ~ Abby