Saturday, April 4, 2020

Prayer for Trust

Fear affects us all differently, and tempers are shorter now with the stress of the pandemic weighing on us all. Last night I prayed the following prayer, which seems a little harsh I suppose, in its use of the word "obstinance," but understand that by my use of that harsh word I mean human sin, human error, and our human tendency to cling our own status quos long past the time it is wise to do so:

Dear Lord, please cover us and keep us safe. Protect us from heartache due to the obstinance of others. Help us to trust You and to be kind; I see that I can't be kind unless I trust You. And yes, protect others from MY obstinance, fearfulness, and unhelpful advice. Have mercy on us Lord, and heal our land. In Jesus’ Name I pray.


  1. And I think it’s rough living alone. The only one being obstinate is me, myself, and I. The Lord is such a good Listener. He lets me rant and then calms me down. “Sometimes The Lord calms the sea and sometimes The Lord calms the child.”

    1. Love that saying, Vee. Lord bless my friend Vee during this time and thank you for providing her Your love and companionship. Hey, Vee, my family and I have been using Marco Polo to send messages to one another, it is such a blessing. Just a thought.

    2. Thank you for the sweet prayer. I will look into this Marco Polo.