Monday, August 3, 2020


During the pandemic, I've felt strongly that my assignment is to stay out of the fray, but my goodness, isn't it difficult to stick to a resolution to shelter at home?  

And, having made that resolution, do you find it difficult to avoid a sense of isolation, as though everyone else in the world is up to speed while we...aren't?  

The most difficult challenge for human beings of any age is to wait. Abram and Sarai ran out ahead of the Lord to try to make God's promise to them come true. Saul persecuted Christians with religious zeal ahead of the revelation of God’s plan. These Biblical characters were given new vision and new names, but in God’s timing and not their own.

Here is a prayer today for those called to shelter:  Lord, grant us grace to take the precautions you are calling us to take, and keep us both from being judged by others and from judging ourselves.  Thank you for being with us as we wait upon you.  Amen.  


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