Tuesday, March 8, 2022

God Will Take Care of You!


We caregivers often face aging issues vicariously through our loved ones whose bodies and/or minds are suffering the ravages of age. This can lead us to fear for ourselves and for the future.  Isaiah 46:4 reminds us that the Lord will not leave or forsake us, even if we are old and gray, even if we become dependent on others.  This issue of prospective dependence is what frightens us the most, but we can remind ourselves that other people are only the vessels through which God provides His care. The Lord will continue to be our shepherd. He has made this commitment to us for our lifetimes here and on into eternity, by grace and grace alone, through Jesus.  The Lord will always be our Shepherd, so we have no need that will go unmet. He will deliver us safely home.  


  1. Thank you for this. I have read your blog for a long time. My mother passed in January, and I was her primary caregiver in our home for a year and a half....she was confined to a wheelchair after a stroke and also had dementia. I have been dealing with what you describe and didn't even realize it. Just what I needed to read. Thank you, Lord for using Linda as a vessel.

    1. Bless your heart, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking time to let me know this spoke to you. Prayers for you.