Thursday, September 8, 2022

Worth the Effort

 We are sometimes overwhelmed by overwhelm.  There is too much to do; our most diligent effort scarcely makes a dent in the vast mountain of detritus of our own lives.  Sometimes I feel I need a bulldozer and I've been given a spade.  

The idea that we can't do very much in our own strength is accurate. What is inaccurate is that since we can't make the needed changes, there is no use trying. 

The instant we set our hearts on obedience, our Father God is at work in ways we can't see to accomplish what we could never have managed in our own strength. The Lord, full of  love, compassion, and mercy, knows how we are made, and He loves us. So when we put even a bit of effort in the direction He wants us to go, we are backed by all the power of Heaven.  

This makes trying worth the effort. Never give up.  

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