Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Devotions for Alzheimer's Patients

July, 2014 update: In response to requests for devotions for dementia patients, I've just published Beautiful in Each Season, simple devotions that provide spiritual nourishment for those who struggle with a diminished capacity to comprehend multiple layers of meaning.   

Music can be a powerful way to communicate God's love to dementia patients, and so each devotion includes a stanza or two of lyrics from favorite hymns.  The book is available in a large print, softcover edition for patients who are still able to read independently, and in eBook format for Kindle.  

You can read several sample devotions utilizing the "Look Inside This Book" feature at Amazon.  

Beautiful in Each Season

Back Cover Copy: 
“People with Alzheimer’s aren’t dumb, they just have trouble remembering!”
Anna Ruth Williamson, Alzheimer patient since 2004.

The devotions in Beautiful in Each Season were written with respect for the intellect and spirits of those with dementia. The readings are straightforward but not childish in content, and are appropriate for independent or caregiver supported use. Because music transcends language and speaks directly to the heart, a few lines from familiar hymns are included with each devotion. 
Many of the conflicts that arise between people with dementia and their caregivers occur because two completely different perspectives must come together in order for harmony to exist. When the patient is a loved one, the caregiver faces not only an increased workload, but also new financial worries and the loss of emotional support as the relationship of the past is redefined. On the patient’s part, dementia has narrowed perceptions to the degree that there is little awareness or empathy for the struggles of the caregiver. The confusion and disorientation of cognitive dysfunction may result in suspicion and fear-based anger. When both patient and caregiver know and love the Lord, reminders of His steadfast love provide a common ground through which empathy and love can flow.
This book can be used either alone or in tandem with the caregivers’ devotional, My Mom Has Alzheimer’s: Inspiration and Help for Caregivers (Bridge-Logos Foundation, 2009).  

“As caregivers we must not allow our loved ones to forget God’s love”
Linda Born

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