Friday, July 26, 2013

Logan's Diagnosis; Breath Holding Syndrome

I want to thank those of you who prayed for my grandson, Logan.  At age 1 (the day before his first birthday, in fact) Logan experienced a period of apnea--he stopped breathing--and also experienced seizure-like body movements.

We were terrified.

We have had the best possible outcome; Logan has a benign condition that he will outgrow.   A pediatric neurologist assured us that his symptoms are consistent with a condition in which a child exhales, then fails to take another breath.  Sometimes he may begin to breathe again within just a few seconds, but sometimes he may lose consciousness, at which time he will automatically begin to breathe again.  It is an involuntary response; during an episode the child is unable to inhale.  The neurologist says the syndrome is somewhat misnamed and misunderstood, because the term "breath-holding syndrome" makes people think it is something the child does on purpose or when he/she is angry. Although attacks may follow emotional upset, pain, or a crying bout, they are involuntary. 

Logan did not seem particularly upset when he had his episode, but he had been crying a bit. Perhaps he was in pain from a tummy upset or from some other unknown cause; pain can trigger the response.  Some children never have another episode, and that's our prayer. 

Thank you, thank you for your prayers!