Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Times

Many caregivers find themselves members of the sandwich generation, caught between the needs of aging parents and growing children.  Because my mom's Alzheimer's has spanned ten years of time, I've experienced many sandwich-type moments, such as the day I found myself bathing my slippery and unhappy toddler grandson in the morning and my slippery and unhappy Alzheimer's mom that same night.

This time of life offers many moments of joy along with some times of frustration and exhaustion.  It is mostly good, and the sad or bad times cause me to cry out to the Lord, and that's good too. 

Today I've written a little treatise on the sadness and joy of being parents of adult children.  If you would enjoy reading about the yummy fall menu we served for a family dinner this weekend and how our momentary pang of sorrow turned to peace when our children pulled out of the driveway for their respective homes, hop on over to "Good Times Then and Now."


  1. Yes, I have struggled at times between caregiving and grandparenting. I've had to delay visits at times when my husband is not feeling well. I've started thanking God for the times that I do get to spend time with the grands instead of focusing on what I can't do.

  2. We are in Year 21 of my mom's Alzheimer's. Today I will go to the nursing home to try to feed her supper. She no longer uses her tongue for swallowing food. She gags and coughs not only during a meal but also simply on her own saliva. She will either starve to death or aspirate food into her lungs which will cause pneumonia and eventually death.

    She is a born-again Christian, and I have often questioned God on why His godly daughter has to go through this. Though there has been more heartache during this journey than you can imagine, I know He loves her; and everything is in His hands.

    However long you experience this stage of your life, remember that He is with you. God bless you; He is faithful.