Monday, October 20, 2014


When I did an internet search for the word "respite," here is what I found:

noun: respite
a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant
synonyms:rest, break, breathing space, interval, intermission, interlude, recess, lull, pause, time out

Every caregiver needs respite. I remember reading that Susanna Wesley would throw her apron over her face and at this sign, her 19 children knew she was not to be bothered because she was praying.  That was Susanna's respite, and bless her heart, the Lord did help her as evidenced by by the Godly children she raised (her boys John and Charles began the Methodist church, among other accomplishments).  

I find respite in prayer too, but unlike Susanna, I'm able to be outside quite often. This suits me, because nothing refreshes my spirit more than finding God in nature. I return from my daily walks a calmer, kinder caregiver. 

If you are on the front lines of caregiving, find your respite first in the Lord, and then look for that much needed oasis of rest (break, breathing space, time-out). God can strengthen us to bear burdens we never thought we'd be able to carry, but regular times of rest are a part of any strengthening program.

My respite comes in spending time on the farm with my husband, daily walks, and taking photos that attempt to capture the beauty in nature that I so love.  If you'd like to see the photos from tonight's appropriately spooky-for-the-season walk, visit the post at my farm blog entitled October Sunset. 


  1. I had a respite today. My sister and I took my mother to her Dr. appt. in the next town over. We went through our favorite thrift store and then had lunch today. I always enjoy our time together. I had so much work to do for a family party this weekend but I looked forward to the break. I'm so thankful God allows these times. Spending time in my garden is another place that I find myself refreshed.

  2. Ahhhh, thrift stores--several of my friends enjoy flea markets and garage sales too; these provide a blessed respite without the guilt of overspending, and always the possibility the Lord will provide a sweet gift in the form of a great bargain on something our hearts have!

  3. Respite for me is the simple things - a night in after work with husband, sharing a bottle of wine and a home cooked meal, watching our favourite TV program, and (most importantly!) NO MUM-IN-LAW! I have a much greater appreciation for the joys of simple home life since caring started!