Sunday, November 27, 2022

Keep Your Lips Zipped, Grammy

 My son is a brave man.  

He strides forward in his vision of the Lord's plan for his life, seeking the path that lead's to fulfillment of God's will for those he loves and himself. 

His mother--that's me--is not brave.  If I'm not prayerfully careful, I speak words of fear cloaked in a disguise of caution, or even wisdom. This tendency can muddy the waters of God-given truth, and I run the risk that my inspired words will be dismissed in the way the proverbial baby was thrown out with the bath water.  

Thus the need for the prayer I've placed in today's meme; "faith, not doubt; confidence, not fear."

When we pray for God's protection and guidance, He hears.  We can trust Him.  

Meantime, I pray to be brave to ride the roller coaster of our lives without giving way to weakness or fear.  Roller coasters can be a lot of fun if you are strong enough to enjoy the ride.  

Lord, please grant me strength!  

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  1. Thank you for this really excellent posting today! Good words -- and a lesson of great value for us all.