Saturday, December 3, 2022

Hearing His Voice


When we pray, praise, and read our Bibles as we seek God's will about an issue, we can be sure the Lord will guide us through our circumstances and also through impressions on our hearts. 

We must avoid moving forward in our own logic and reasoning; the first step in seeking God's will is to lay our own desires on the altar. We can certainly pour out our hearts to God and receive His love and compassion in return; He has such empathy and love for us and in His mercy He takes action on our behalf. But apart from an earnest seeking of God's vision where our own can't reach, our dependance on our own logic and reasoning robs us of His enabling strength. Our life decisions must be grounded in prayer and the humility that comes from the conviction that God knows best.  When we can pray, "Thy will and not mine be done" we are on track.  Most times, when people say they can't hear God's voice, it means they have not released their will about a given situation into God's hands. 

Resisting the Holy Spirit is not a happy way to live. Lord help us to trust You more, seek Your face, and humbly release our resistance to Your good and perfect will.  We trust You, Lord. Let Your good and perfect will have its good and perfect way in our lives, in Jesus' Name we pray, amen.  

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