Thursday, August 25, 2022

The Perfection Path


We aren't going to attain perfection here and now, but Jesus asks us to travel the perfection path that will ultimately lead us to Heaven and home. It is very important to keep trying. *This "trying" doesn't look like any other goal-seeking effort we carry out in the flesh; it is a falling back rather than a striving forward, a release more than anything to grasp. 

Dear Lord, show me how to obey when I am in pain. Show me how to obey when I am in grief. Show me how to obey when I feel tired and weak, and show me how to be free of the willfulness that rebels against pushing through obstacles in order to be obedient. Please forgive me for the ways my disobedience has caused harm to Your heart and to Your children; please heal the wounds I've caused and allow me the privilege of being a part of the healing process. I trust You, help me to trust You more. Grant me the joy of obedience, in Jesus' Name I pray.

* Italicized portions are quotes from my book, 100 Days to Freedom: Release from the Self-condemnation of Overweight.  

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