Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Don't Hide Your Sorrows From the Lord


When we meet with sorrows that overwhelm our hearts, we want away from the pain of it. Although acknowledging sorrow before the Lord is painful, the consequences of hiding from Him are worse.  

Our first instinct is to sublimate the grievous circumstance, and we do this in a number of ways; we either say the situation isn't as bad as it is and attempt to ignore it, or we pretend that we are able to cope with a terrible thing by going on with life as close to normal as is possible.  

Sublimating grief takes energy. Exhaustion will threaten, and the grief and fear we are attempting to repress will escape its confines so that we find ourselves more frightened and upset than before by every other stressor large or small.  

Jesus says, "Come unto Me...(Matthew 11:28)." When we come, He shares our sorrow, comforts our hearts, and shows us the way forward.  


Lord Jesus, we bring to You this situation that has broken our hearts, confounded our confidence that the world is safe, and overwhelmed us with disappointment.  We pray for all involved in these grievous circumstances and ask that You strengthen, help, and uphold us.  Infiltrate this situation with Your presence and provision, bring healing, and protect us from further harm.  In Jesus' Name we pray, amen.  


Below: Youtube video of David Crowder Band "How He Loves Us." 

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