Sunday, October 16, 2022

Past, Present, and Future Covered by Grace


As we view the past through a frame labeled faith, we see by the light of God's love.  Present trust in His grace and power to heal enables calm acceptance of past events that have caused us harm. 

It's hard to give the Lord permission to change the status quo. When we pray, He hears, and we must accept that His work on our behalf sometimes brings change in the people or circumstances we have resented.  God's healing works beyond the perimeters of our own hearts; it stretches to touch the agents through which the enemy brought us harm. He removes them from us or transforms them so they become channels to deliver blessing.  At that point we need to avoid responding to a new status quo as though it were the old or we will set ourselves up for judgment in the eyes of people who see us responding to kindness with vindictiveness  or otherwise overreacting to innocuous events. 

Prayer: Lord we release past events that have caused us harm to You. We forgive because You have forgiven us, and we ask that You enable us to receive the blessings of a new status quo.  In Jesus' Name we pray, amen. 

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