Saturday, January 28, 2023

Exposed and Illuminated


We hesitate to fully abide in the Lord because we want to hide the fact of our sin. We work to make ourselves right ahead of coming to Him. Since we are incapable of removing sin Jesus died to cleanse, this self-defeating behavior cripples our spiritual lives.  

It is frightening but freeing to come to the Lord just as we are. The humility of exposure brings shamed tears, His unconditional love cleanses sin, and love for Him pours forth in praise as a response to His great love. 

Praise is hard work when we try to conjure it ourselves through a sense of duty.  When we finally give up and step fully into His light, we are confronted by a love so powerful that praise and adoration are the natural response.  

Exposed by the Lord's light and forgiven by His sacrificial love, we become bearers of God's light.  That which is exposed to the light, becomes light.  


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