Saturday, June 25, 2022


 Releasing our perspectives of the past is difficult. It is possible to rehearse wrongs done to us so often that we lose accurate perception of the changes that have taken place in the wrongdoers. Thus someone who was once a victim of a great wrong becomes, through an inflexible opinion of the one who hurt her, perceived by others to be the one in the wrong!  

Well, that paragraph above is a bit cryptic, and I can't think how to be more specific other than to say we must give the Lord our frame of reference of the past. His power is such that He is able to work in past, present, and future to bring about His perfect will. When it is His will to forgive those who have done us harm, He removes their sins as far as the east is from the west. At that point we need to be able to let go the harm done us, as the "letting go" frees space for us to receive healing for the injuries we sustained.  

There is a difference between accepting the unacceptable and bearing with one another in love. But when our loved ones have repented of the wrongs they've committed against us, it is important to love as we've been loved and forgive as we've been forgiven. And even when no apology or repentance has occurred, may the Lord enable us to trust Him for our injuries and walk in wisdom according to His guidance. Otherwise we risk hardness of heart that precludes healing. 


Dear Lord, when we have been wronged, grant us wisdom to either speak or remain silent just as You will. Please be in the ways others perceive us and be our shelter from judgment or blame. We place our trust in You for past, present, and future. We ask to be healers and to be healed,  in Jesus' Name we pray, Amen.  


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