Thursday, June 30, 2022

He Cares for Us


In the wake of physical suffering or emotional pain, we are vulnerable to doubt.  Almost worse are the ways we try to put a good face on  suffering as we use human understanding to explain divine purposes:  "Maybe God just needed me to be humbled..."  

I think it honors the Lord more to say, "I can't understand why this happened, but I trust You and I know You are loving and good."  The Almighty God does not need us to make excuses for Him. He asks us to trust in and rely upon His love. 

We won't know until Heaven why painful things happen, but we honor the Lord when we reaffirm our trust in Him even in the midst of circumstances that hurt. We can bank on the fact of His provision and blessing even in the midst of sorrow and pain.  

Lord help us to keep loving and trusting You even when we are hurting. Thank You for holding us firm in your love.

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